Sunday, May 31, 2015

Easy hairstyles tutorials...

We all had that bad hair day when we didn't know what to do and how to fix our hair on time so as not to go late in the office. Wouldnt that be great if we had some useful tips to make a simple and elegant braid that would immediately transform our bad hair day to an original idea and to a reason for complimentary comments from our colleagues?
That's what I thought too! ;) Here you can find some of my favorites last minute braids that have saved many of a bad day! :) Which one do you use???

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Style inspiration...

Every once in a while every girl tends to say the following words "I have nothing to wear". Usually these words are being said while the girl stands in front of a closet full of clothes, shoes, accessories that just seem invisible to her in the moment!
During these moments some inspiration could help us overcome our "desperation" and find a way to lift the invisibility cloth of our closet and see things that we couldn't see before: new ways to wear our old stuff and making them look as brand new!!!
So I am sharing with you my favorite outfits that inspired me this last month!
Where do you get your fashion inspiration???

Friday, May 15, 2015

Follow your dreams...

Have you ever been in a phase in your life where everything feels out of place?
Where you are not sure what should your next step be?
What is the right step? Is there a right step? And if yes who defines it?
Is it right for me and you or for the rest of the world?
And then you think that if even I do not know what is the best for me, who will?
Who will take this decision? Who will step up and say "Hey this is the path for you! If you go that way you will be happy!"?
The answer is no one! No One can make your decisions for you and no one should except you and you alone! Maybe some of the decisions you are going to take along the way will be proven the wrong ones but you sure as hell will have taken a valuable lesson from them!
The only way to be certain that you won't regret your decisions is to take them with your heart!!!
Ask as many advices from friends and family as you want but you are the one that has to take the final decision! You need to dedicate time to think and search what are your goals and what are you willing to do in order to achieve them. It is never to late to be who you want to be, start now! Don't wait for anyone to take your decisions and make your dreams for you! Chase what you want and create yourself!!!
This post is just to give you (and me) inspiration! In a world dominated by the fear of "what will I do if this fails" we need more people to take chances and follow their dreams!
If you have any inspiring stories from your circles that dreams did come true please share them with us!!!! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rome trip day 3...

And the last day of my trip to Rome..! I am already looking forward going back guys!! :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rome trip day 1...

During March I went a trip to Rome for 3 days! It was amazing! This city is one of my favorite ones! I could seriously move there! They are calling it the eternal city and they are not wrong. Its history is so rich... Wherever you go you can see something amazing! I totally recommend you to visit Rome if you haven't already! :)